Aerial Filming

If you are looking for a helicopter company to provide a solution to your aerial film / photography requirements, then look no further.  Helicopter Logistics staff are highly experienced in all aspects of media operations and have a range of camera platforms including nose and side mounts.


In December 2011, we completed a project for the RACWA "On Your Side" Television campaign. You can see the finished result here:




If gyro stabilised mounts are required then Helicopter Logistics has contacts with the providers of these types of mounts and cameras (see Transvision Pty Ltd below).




Working with acclaimed Director David Denneen (right) and DOP Michael McDermott (middle) on site during the shooting of the RACWA "On Your Side" television campaign. The camera is the Arri Alexa.



 Jetranger Nose Mount (with ARRI ALEXA camera)


Helicopter Logistics operates a Nose Camera Mount that is designed and certified for the Jetranger helicopter.  The mount attaches to the front of the helicopter and is controlled from a control panel that the cameraman operates from either the front or one of the rear seats of the helicopter.  The mount provides movement in the tilt axis from horizontal to 60 degrees nose down.  The speed of tilt is variable and is controlled by the cameraman via the control panel.  The helicopter pilot plays an important role in directing where the camera is shooting, this is achieved through vision from the camera being dispalyed on a monitor in front of the pilot and then the pilot manoeuvring the helicopter and therefore the camera as directed by the cameraman.


The Nose Camera Mount was utilised on the RACWA "On Your Side" television campaign. See YouTube clip above.




Side Mount 'Helico' Helicopter Logistics operates a Side Camera Mount that when fitted to the helicopter is positioned in the right side doorway of a Jetranger helicopter.  The client's camera is attached to the base-plate of the mount which provides movement in the pan and tilt axis.  Damping in the vertical axis assists in reducing vibration and alleviates the need for the cameraman to shoot off the shoulder.  The helicopter is fitted with a sliding door that is opened by the cameraman when the helicopter arrives at the required location.  A certified cameraman's harness is supplied by Helicopter Logistics.  Life jackets are also supplied if operating over water.   



Transvision Side Camera Mount


The Transvision Side Camera Mount is located in Perth and is owned and operated by Michael McDermott of Transvision Pty Ltd.  The camera mount is gyro stabilised in 3 axis and is designed and certified to be operated in a Squirrel helicopter.  The Gyro stabilised platform minimises vibrations that would otherwise be transferred to the camera






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