Geophysical Survey

Helicopter Logistics has been providing services to the airborne geophysical market since its inception. Company staff have been closely involved with the development and growth of this industry for over 20 years and operate under the IAGSA guidlines.


With the experience gained over many years of accident free operation, Helicopter Logistics has gained an enviable reputation for safety and professionalism.


The company specializes in low level mapping (< 30m) using under-slung (towed) systems. Typically these are Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) and Magnetometer (Helimag)  systems on a 100 to 150 ft line beneath the helicopter. Stinger systems are also operated by the company.


Operations are conducted throughout Australia and internationally utilizing a range of helicopters from the Robinson R22 to the Eurocopter AS350B3.


Flying GPX Airborne's XTEM.  XTEM is an Electromagnetic (EM) system with a 25 metre diameter transmit loop and is towed on a 120ft line with a Squirrel helicopter. Helicopter Logistics is proud to have been associated with GPX for over 10 years and during that time a variety of EM and Magnetometer systems have been operated throughout Australia.

Out on location conducting HeliSAM surveys with GAP Geophysics

During a HeliSAM survey a 70kW HPTX70 transmitter  (see above) is positioned on the survey site and produces a high amplitude, high quality, precisely timed signal whilst the helicopter flies a survey pattern across the survey area whilst towing a Magnetometer.



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