Helicopter Precision Lifting

Sling load operations require a high level of experience and expertise not only from the pilot conducting the operation but also from the company and the support staff.


Helicopter Logistics Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) require that a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is conducted prior to the project commencing, often days or weeks in advance depending on the complexity of the task.  Thorough briefing of ground crews are conducted on site before operations begin to discuss the operational aspects of the task including emergency procedures.


In projects that require a Helicopter Logistics' staff member to act as the loadmaster, all Personal Protective Equipment is supplied including helmets and radio equipment on discreet ground to air frequencies.



Castle Rock Viewing Platform


Helicopter Logistics was recently engaged to undertake a precision lifting assignment for the Castle Rock Viewing Platform. This involved over 30 loads of equipment that needed to be delivered to the rigging crew on top of Castle Rock over 1 day. Given the remote nature of the location, and the difficult terrain, there was no other way of delivering this equipment. Helicopter Logistics specialise in difficult projects like this. Please Contact Us to discuss your project.



Building Construction


Helicopter Logistics can provide lifting services during construction phases of building projects. One example is locating the air conditioning units on the top of a shopping centre, where access via conventional crane is difficult or not feasible.



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